Tim Jones

Snare Drummer

Tim Jones took an interest in pipe band drumming in 1978 when he joined the Lochanside Highlanders in Muskegon, Michigan. He moved to Chicago in 1988 and played with a few local groups including the Chicago Celtic Pipe Band and Chicago Scots Pipe Band. The latter reorganized in late 2016 to become the new City of Chicago Pipe Band where Tim is still a performing member. Tim enjoys learning new rhythmic approaches and styles and remains an attentive and enthusiastic student of all things related to drums and drumming. Outside of pipe bands and various drumset styles, Tim’s other interests include drums from around the world such as the janggu, doumbek, and Daf. When he’s not drumming, Tim is an avid cyclist, bibliophile, modeler, chess and darts player, and hockey enthusiast.