One Family. One Name.

Chicago, Illinois, June 18, 2018 – The City of Chicago Pipe Band is pleased to announce that our education program formerly known as the Chicago Academy of Piping and Drumming will no longer have this separate distinction with immediate effect.

As a comprehensive organization celebrating our 15th anniversary, it is important that we all feel like we are part of one big family of pipe band musicians. Some of our family members are students who will continue to learn from some of the best piping and drumming teachers in the Chicago area. Some of our family members have reached a level where they’re ready to perform in public functions and compete in Grade 5. And of course, some of our family represent the organization in the flagship Grade 3 band. Regardless of the current individual level of achievement, we are all in it with the vision of being Chicago’s finest pipe band and to perpetuate that tradition through both education and shared experiences.

Stay tuned for information about our fall classes, which are moving to a new location and undergoing curriculum upgrades! We’ll announce the new location and open registration mid-August for instruction to begin on September 13th. Previously known as the academy “performance class”, our Grade 5 band will continue rehearsals throughout the summer honing skills and growing their repertoire. Our Grade 3 band still has its most exciting event of the year ahead as we make our debut trip to the 2018 World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland!

City of Chicago Pipe Band – We Are One.