The City of Chicago Pipe Band was established in the summer of 2003 and began immediately performing as such throughout the greater metropolitan area. The Band’s first competitive season was 2004 in Grade 3 and was promoted in 2007 to Grade 2. The Band continued to do well and were promoted in 2012 to Grade 1.

A training band was started in 2008 which began in Grade 5. This group went on to be promoted to Grade 4 in 2010 and promoted again to Grade 3 in 2013 under the name Chicago Scots Pipe Band. Though the flagship Grade 1 group became dormant in early 2013, the Chicago Scots Pipe Band continued and another training band was launched in Grade 4 under the Chicago Academy of Piping and Drumming name, both active in the 2016 competition season.

In the fall of 2016 we ignited a unified flame and once again present the City of Chicago Pipe Band. Preparations are well underway for the 2019 season with a two competition groups and full-scale program of performers and students under the direction of Pipe Major Patrick Lynch and Leading Drummer Andrew Hoinacki.

Our Grade 4 band is currently comprised of developing musicians, led by their instructors, and debuted in competition in June 2018. They also play parades and other public performances alongside the Grade 3 band as part of one pipe band family.

Steve Moore, piping instructor

Quinn Anderson
Desmond Flynn
Thomas Johnson
Ross McLane

Erika Redford
Dan Shannon
Hannah Sutoris

Andrew Hoinacki, drumming instructor

Cal Anderson
Brendan Draper

Wendy Dowell, bass
Emma Dowell, tenor

In addition to the many alumni who have either retired from playing or who have moved on to perform with or lead other groups after their time in our organization, the City of Chicago Pipe Band would like to especially thank the following former leaders for their contributions to the development of the band throughout our history:

P/M Jason Freeman, Founder
P/M Michael Forkan, Chicago Scots
P/M Steve Moore, Chicago Academy

L/D James Bush, COC Grade 3
L/D Martin Boyle, COC Grade 3 & 2
L/D Chris Barr, COC Grade 2 & 1

L/D Neil Seivwright, Chicago Scots
L/D Will Cowart, Chicago Scots
L/D Bill Peterson, Chicago Scots
L/D Chris Stuart, Chicago Academy