Patrick Higgins


Patrick Higgins started piping 2007. He learned from Patrick Lynch as a student of the what shortly thereafter became the Chicago Academy of Piping and Drumming and is the longest-serving alumni from that program in the band since. He became one of the original members of the City of Chicago Pipe Band’s Grade 5 band under P/M Steve Moore in 2008. He remained through the band’s progress to Grade 4 then under P/M Michael Forkan and continued as the group went to Grade 3 with a new name, the Chicago Scots Pipe Band, up through 2016. While gaining band experience, he also started solo competitions in 2012 studying primarily with Michael Kotch. Patrick achieved the MWPBA’s 2016 Champion Supreme award in Grade 3 light music and is now competing actively in Grade 2. Following a season in 2017 with the Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band under P/M Tristan Wilson, Patrick returned to the City of Chicago Pipe Band to play with his original instructor, P/M Patrick Lynch. A noteworthy highlight of Patrick’s piping experience was serving as the personal piper for the former 1st Prime Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, during the week of the 39th Ryder Cup in 2012. Other memorable occasions include performing in Scotland during Worlds Week 2017, numerous guest performances with Gaelic Storm at the House of Blues, and a guest performance with The Chieftains at Chicago’s Petrillo Music Shell. Patrick also plays tenor saxophone and guitar, has enjoyed singing in choral groups, and works as a teacher in special education.