Quenton Quiney

Snare Drummer

Quenton M. Quiney has been a drummer since 5th grade at the age of 10. Beginning at Ypsilanti East Middle School, he performed as a percussionist in their various bands and ensembles as well as the VFW-sponsored Thunderers parade corps, while also playing drumset with his church choir. At Ypsilanti High School he enjoyed learning more concert percussion and gained experience gigging with the jazz band. After graduating in 2000, he joined Drum Corps International playing tenors with the Kiwanis Kavaliers for one season before enjoying two more seasons with the Glassmen as an auxiliary percussionist and marching cymbalist touring most of the lower forty-eight States, Canada, and even western Europe! Since his time in Drum Corps, Quenton has remained an active percussionist with a variety of groups including several garage bands, stage productions with Vitalist Theatre, coaching the Glenbrook South High School marching band and the Winter Guard International ensembles Evolution and Nuclear Reaction serving as head coach and program director of the latter, as well as performing in the musical art project Environmental Encroachment. After relocating to Chicago in 2005 to further his career in Information Technology, he came to know the world of pipe bands beginning in 2012 through his relationship with piper Emily MacArthur, with whom he has a son named Douglas. Q, as he is known, played snare and bass with the Chicago Scots Pipe Band and remains a snare drummer in the City of Chicago Pipe Band.